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Tings-The gifts app Available Now!

Tings is the world’s gifting marketplace. Our mission is to help you show love and appreciation to yourself and others through the power of gifting.

Show love to yourself and others through the power of gifting



Find the right gift…that won’t be regifted.


Get notified of upcoming occasions and holidays…so you won’t forget, again.


Convenient gifting and shopping…because it’s stressful!

Our Story

We all love receiving gifts and many of us enjoy giving them, but most of us hate the process of finding the perfect gift. Sometimes we may forget the special occasion, many times we don’t know where to look or we’re overwhelmed by the limitless options, often times we have no clue of what the recipient may like, and even if we overcome all of those challenges, we may not have the recipient’s address to send the gift.


As a result, a process that should be fun, meaningful, and celebratory has become a stressful and despised chore. That’s why our customers turn to Tings, for the ultimate gifting experience. 

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